Senator Lounge

FOX, Vienna
18 February – 5 March 2022




Premiumise or perish. Oysters, Wagyu beef, lobster, and caviar are absolute necessities in attracting a top-tier art audience in today’s fast-paced economy. The growth of a global elite is accompanied by a hollowing out of the middle.
This may or may not be an accurate replica of a first class airport lounge. I’ve never been in one. My research suggests they look the same all over the world: Minimalist modernism with the extra comfort plus package. Except the British and middle eastern ones, they’re a bit more gaudy.
You have a choice: The choice between plain, plebeian olives, or PREMIUM olives with a picture of Pierce Brosnan. This is the banality of luxury.
Whether it’s a dictator’s mausoleum, a Venetian water bus, upmarket premium distinction branding, or large-scale train models: I’ll admit that I’m using these topics as a vehicle to discuss the questions that matter to me: Materiality, material quotes and imitations, the boundaries of sculpture and space, high art vs. low art. I’ve taken the wood texture for this Senator Lounge from a pedestal supporting works by another artist. This texture is then printed on paper which is glued to another layer of paper, which is placed over a board of wood.
Dear valued premium customer! Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We hope you enjoyed your stay in this Senator Lounge.

– Julian Turner

Photos: Stefan Lux

Friendly Reminders, Tgesa Amilcar, Lantsch/Lenz

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Januar 2021
Tgesa Amilcar, Voia Principala 36, Lantsch/Lenz GR, Switzerland