House of Flowers, Viennacontemporary, Vienna

House of Flowers

Filiale at Viennacontemporary 2019

Von nun an ging's bergab

Å tafete


Julian Turner’s installation at Zone 1 at Viennacontemporary shows a selection of the stylistic highlights of the house of Flowers, the former residence and now mausoleum of the Yugoslavian dictator Tito. Quotation, self-quotation and material quotation shake hands. The representative columns of the installation are tiled with photographs of chewing gums. There are replicas and interpretations of batons that where once carried through the whole of Yugoslavia on the day of youth by children who gave their honors to their leader on a sideboard made of canvases. And the model of Titos luxury train serves as a bar. In a quirky, sensitive manner spleeny aesthetics are continued and released, which only seem to reveal their underlying charm in their re-interpretation.

photos: Manuel Carreon Lopez,