Author: Julian Turner

  • Alles hier ist fake, Attrappe oder Zitat

    Katharina Cichosch in Monopol über das “House of Flowers“, das als dauerhafte Installation der Sammlung Grässlin im Bahnhof St. Georgen im Schwarzwald zu sehen ist. Apropos Kippenberger: Leider verpasst haben wir an diesem Tag den nach seinen Plänen erstellten, sagenumwobenen U-Bahnschacht mitsamt passenden Geräuschen auf der grünen Wiese, der die Schwarzwälder Kleinstadt mit den Mitteln…

  • Where the Sun Sets

    Where the Sun Sets

    Matthias Noggler & Julian Turner Wunder-Bar, Schönlaterngasse 8, 1010 Wien 7. September – 18. Oktober 2022 Photos: Maximilian Anelli-Monti

  • Genuinely Fake

    Genuinely Fake

    Ramona Heinlein über Julian Turner in der Galerie FILIALE, Frankfurt/M. Texte zur Kunst #127: Resortization, September 2022

  • Premium


    Photos: Wolfgang Günzel, Offenbach Reviewed by Ramona Heinlein in Texte zur Kunst #127: Resortization (German)

  • Senator Lounge

    Senator Lounge

    FOX, Vienna 18 February – 5 March 2022       Premiumise or perish. Oysters, Wagyu beef, lobster, and caviar are absolute necessities in attracting a top-tier art audience in today’s fast-paced economy. The growth of a global elite is accompanied by a hollowing out of the middle. This may or may not be an…

  • Saliera

    To comply with Covid distancing rules, some tables at Salzamt must remain free. The restaurant’s architect, Hermann Czech, made very efficient use of the space. While these tables may not host people, they can still support objects. So I initiated a festival of small sculptures. It is named Saliera, after the epitome of table sculptures,…

  • Na drugi pogled  // Auf den zweiten Blick // At Second Glance

    Online Exhibition Austrian Cultural Forum, Belgrade (RS) March 15th – April 30th 2021 The new online platform of the Austrian Cultural Forum was created in view of the current uncertain circumstances, but also opens the opportunities for the new forms of artistic creation and communication.  It is conceived as an exhibition space for thematic and…

  • Friendly Reminders, Tgesa Amilcar, Lantsch/Lenz

      Januar 2021 Tgesa Amilcar, Voia Principala 36, Lantsch/Lenz GR, Switzerland

  • Artforum International, Caroline Lillian Schopp on “4×1 = 30”, April 2020

    Artforum International, Caroline Lillian Schopp on “4×1 = 30”, April 2020

    (…) While Ackroyd, Clement, and Zamojski reflected on the human by displacing it, Julian Turner took a more direct approach. In his installation Schön im Öl (Beautiful in the Oil), 2020, the artist investigated the infrastructures of geopolitics using clever dissonances of scale: Pink Viennese treats from the Aida coffeehouse chain, Swiss Parisienne cigarettes, Italian…

  • Unter Flaschen. Die Fledermaus in der Bar du Bois

    Wegen COVID-19 wird die Ausstellung “unter flaschen – die Fledermaus in der Bar du Bois” verlängert: 14.5.2020 – 27.6.2020 und 9.9.2020 – 24.10.2020 Eine Ausstellung von Bar du Bois in Zusammenarbeit mit der Klasse Skulptur und Raum/Hans Schabus, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien Eingeladen von Cosima Rainer, Leitung Kunstsammlung und Archiv Beteiligte Künstler_innen: Chiara Bals,…

  • More Songs About Buildings and Food

    8 February – 14 March 2020 Filiale, Frankfurt

  • 4 x 1 = 30

    16.1.2020 – 29.2.2020 Christine König Galerie, Vienna Rebecca Ackroyd, Louisa Clement, Julian Turner, Honza Zamojski

  • More Songs about Buildings and Food, Filiale, Frankfurt

    7 February – 14 March 2020 Photos: Wolfgang Günzel, Offenbach Der Titel von Julian Turners zweiter Ausstellung in der FILIALE benennt, worum es auf den ersten Blick zu gehen scheint – um Architektur und Kulinarik. Hier werden Ästhetiken fortgeführt und freigestellt, die erst in der feinfühligen Neuinterpretation ihren wahren Charme zu offenbaren scheinen. Sie bieten…

  • 4 x 1 = 30, Christine König Galerie, Vienna

    The third room of the gallery has a different energy than the other spaces. It has served as a “project space” for formats like Third Room or Im Zeichenraum, has hosted exhibitions curated by artists and curators alike, and is a passage to the “Queen’s den”, our actual storage and the library. Its main feature…

  • House of Flowers, Viennacontemporary, Vienna

    Filiale at Viennacontemporary 2019 Julian Turner’s installation at Zone 1 at Viennacontemporary shows a selection of the stylistic highlights of the house of Flowers, the former residence and now mausoleum of the Yugoslavian dictator Tito. Quotation, self-quotation and material quotation shake hands. The representative columns of the installation are tiled with photographs of chewing gums.…