Turner Prize 2012

call for applications:

Please read: A personal appeal from Turner Prize founder Julian Turner

Art has been a constant source of enlightenment and inspiration throughout my life. Artists are true visionaries who provide deep and meaningful insights into today’s complicated and multi-faceted world.
I am proud to sponsor the 2012 Turner Prize as part of my wide-ranging philanthropic activities to foster the development of the arts. The €10 Turner Prize is presented to an artist under 50, for an outstanding exhibition in the previous 12 months. The winner will be announced on Monday 3 December 2012 in the capital of Europe; Brussels.

I most sincerely invite you to send your application to turnerprize⊗implizit.org until 25 November. The application is based on a specific exhibition or other presentation of your work in the previous 12 months, please provide ample documentation.

About the Turner Prize

The Turner Prize award is €10. It is intended to promote public discussion of new developments in contemporary art and is widely recognised as one of the most important and prestigious awards for the visual arts in Europe. Nominations are invited each year, and the prize is judged by an independent jury that changes annually.

Founded and sponsored by renowned philanthropist and art facilitator, Julian Turner, the 2012 Turner Prize is the third installment of the series. Last year, nine artists were nominated, and the prize was awarded to Salvatore Viviano for his outstanding display of his ass in the first A of the letters ITALIA in front of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Nominated for the 2012 Turner Prize: Sebastian Becker, Christian Kurz & Maria Porsch, Francesco Nordio, Dario Wokurka
Jury: Elisabeth Greinecker, Julia Kolbus, Martyn Reynolds, Marzena Wołowicz
The 2012 Turner Prize was awarded to Dario Wokurka, whose “enigmatic paintings in natural surroundings challenge assumptions and rework traditional expectations in a fresh watery, leafy way” (Martyn Alexander Reynolds)

Dario Wokurka’s work can be tough on the emotions.